Saturday, March 25

Raspberry creek club line

I was lucky enough to get to get to sew up some strike offs from the new CLUB line from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. CLUB fabrics are the in house fabric line that's printed exclusively for Raspberry Creek Fabrics. They are still in preorders right now, until March 28th, which means you get them at a discounted price. They start shipping April 1st, and will still be available for retail but for a $1 more a yard. A bunch of us who sewed strike offs get together for a little group photo shoot of our kiddos in the new line. Seriously, sewing buddies are the best! There are 7 different CLUB fabrics on display in these photos,  though some are hard to see. (Like the mint and white clouds.) But there are waaaaay more  than 7 prints to chose from. Theres like...33 or something!
I sewed up this Hey June Racerback Dress (hint - its a free pattern and you need it). My girl lives in these dresses all Summer. This navy floral cotton lycra is perfect for it! All CLUB fabrics are printed in 95/5 cotton/spandex and also on 95/5 french terry - so you get to take your pick!
I also made my little guy a sweater vest for Easter. I used the Love Notions Dashing Vest (also a free pattern) and used this tutorial to hack it into a pullover instead of having buttons. I have decided that boys are not near as fun to sew for, but I wanted to make him something for Easter, and this plaid matched his little navy chinos perfectly - I love it! I also used RCF white cotton lycra for the arm and waistbands for it.
I have more of each of these fabrics and think I can get a Chalk and Notch waterfall raglan and Love Notions Leggins out of the floral hopefully. I have more plaid, too but cant decide what I will making with the rest of it. The great thing about it is its totally gender neutral so anyone can wear it and it matches several other fabrics in the new CLUb line.

Have you bought your CLUB fabrics yet? 
You get them here
What are you making with it?

Other patterns used: 
Sheath dress is in testing from Sew Straight and Gather
tank, elastic waist dress

Thursday, March 23

Scarlett Moto Skinnies Pattern Review

 I made pants! Finally! These are also the first item from the #notyourmamassewingchallenge that I have completed this year..which is kind of pathetic but oh well. I used the Scarlett Moto Skinnies pattern from Laela Jeyne Patterns. This pattern is incredibly versatile because it has the option of a plain solid pair, (like mine) or moto stitching, back pockets, front pockets, flat feld seams, a woven waistband with a side zip or a knit waistband.

I made the totally boring option with no flat feld seams seams, no moto style, no pockets, with the woven waistband with the invisible side zipper. Very boring. But thats kind of my style. I like plain solid boring pants. I actually wanted to do the flat feld seams but I needed to perfect the pattern for my body before doing those, hence - plain. 

To start, I used this olive stretch twill from Fabrics Universe. I got it for like $5 a yard on Black Friday so it was perfect for my wearable muslin. It has about 20% stretch across the grain and no vertical stretch. The pattern calls for only 2-10% stretch wovens, so I knew I'd have to make some alterations. I just started with my measurements and cut that size (well - sizes, my hips are 2 sizes bigger than the rest of me so I graded sizes) and then made modifications as needed. Basically I sized down almost 2 sizes after all was said and done because of the extra stretch in my fabric. 
I added 2 inches to the rise. I have full hips (#pearprobs) so I found the drafted rise quite short. Granted I pretty much prefer all pants to be high rise, so you may prefer the rise as-is, which is about 1-1/2 to 2 inches below the navel. I cut off an inch at the bottom (I'm 5'8") to make them cropped length. I had to remove a 5 inch wedge at center back, but most people wont have to do that. Since i raised the rise to hit at the the waist, which is smaller than the high hip, there was excess room, and then factor in that I always have worse back gap problems than other people. After that, the waist band needed to have 1.5 inches removed on the fold of the pattern piece. But all of that was easy enough and were simply made to fit my body and/or because I used a stretchier fabric. 

The pattern also comes with an e-book on fitting pants. It addresses all the issues that come up when trying to make pants and is very helpful. I had to make the 'camel toe adjustment' which involved just taking a deeper seam allowance in front, and the 'back gap adjustment.'  The book its very clear with diagrams showing you what the problem looks like, making it easy to diagnose on yourself, and instructions on how to correct the fit issue. 

The only problem I have with this pattern - which wont matter to some, especially if doing the knit waistband - is the side zip. I find invisible zippers to not work on fitted garments. They can't seem to zip when there's any pressure or resistance and as these are skinnies, they are fitted so there is some resistance. My sister in law is in an incredible seamstress who makes wedding dresses and does alterations for brides, and she always has problems with invisible zippers, too. She did lots of alterations for brides who's invisible zippers wouldn't zip even though their dresses fit. My zip went in beautifully but just wouldn't zip past the waistband seem. I actually had the zip unpicked halfway when I took these photos, so the top is just safety pinned closed...haha. I am going to unpick the whole thing and just put in an exposed zipper I think. I know thats weird but at least they'll zip.

The pattern has actually been updated since I made this pair in testing to slim the back leg and remove that excess width. I need to make a new pair now and try out that fit, but I want to find some stretch denim or twill that has 10%  way stretch. This pair isn't insanely comfortable because of the lack of vertical stretch. Do you have fabric suggestions? Places I should look?

You need to go check out the other testers versions because they look 1000% more amazing than mine. You got to check out the motto style! For that alone, you need this pattern. But it is cool to see how versatile they are when you compare by super boring plain pair to the other amazingly detailed ones, that look like a completely different pattern.

 Also - not to be an enabler...but the Scarlett Motto Skinnies are on sale for $7.75 right now!

Thursday, March 16

Spring Dresses with Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Once the snow melts and the sun starts shining I start dreaming of Spring and Summer dresses. I prefer dresses to shorts, and love how I can easily have a super casual outfit or a fancy one just by changing my shoes!

If you caught my Instagram stories the other day then you saw sneak peeks of all of these..but I'll go over all the patterns and fabrics in detail here, cause one can never speak too much about fabric, right? 

Also - this is not sponsored in any way by Raspberry Creek Fabrics,  I just really love them. Diana, the owner, is amazing, and she's local to me. I found her shop on etsy a couple years ago and then realized she lived just down the road! So now she's a good friend and I shop her fabrics constantly. I am never disappointed and there's always something perfect for me. Fabrics tend to go out of stock fairly quickly but she restocks fast. And she has a 1 day turn around time for shipping! Its insane. 

I don't know about you, but I get really ambitious every month with my sewing plans and they never all get done. So as much as I'd love to get all these all sewn by the end of wont happen. Even with a month and a half. I just know its my reality. Mostly cause I can't help myself. I have no self control whatsoever. I do all the pattern tests and still make mile-long lists of sewing plans each month. You think I'd learn my lesson, but really, all I have learned is that I wont actually be able to sew all of these, and be a mom and properly dress and feed my kids, but it doesn't stop me from dreaming!

So without further ado - the plans!

1. This is rayon challis and is insanely gorgeous. Its hands down my favorite fabric in my stash...hence...its been here a while. I am just too nervous to cut into it because what if I mess it up???? Oh man I get paralyzed occasionally...when my best fabrics are at stake. I am actually going to be copying Emily of @enjoyfulmakes and using the wrong side of this fabric. It just softens it up and gives it almost a floral chambray feel, which I am totally digging. It will likely become M7534 because the muslin of the pattern I originally thought it would be turned out to not really be love so..I'm thinking this one. 

Its a faux wrap bodice with an elasticated waist and the option of a tie belt. I want view D but I will be shortening the sleeves, cause I'm just not sure I want them long...I think I would prefer short sleeves. 

2. This is an insanely soft stretch denim with almost 30% stretch. I am going to make the Love Notions Tessa Sheath Dress mashed with their Sybil pencil skirt, and hack a chunky exposed zipper down the back. The pattern is made for knits but only requires 20% stretch so I am determined to give this a go. I dreamed up this dress in my head and then searched on Pinterest to find something similar, and found this. Mine will be a bit different, but I haven't been looking forward to sewing something so much in a long time! (But honestly...I may need a different pattern to achieve this look with woven fabric so be sure to comment below if you know of the perfect one.)

3. Daisy Chambray- it doesn't wrinkle, and insanely smooth to the touch. Its going to be a Patterns for Pirates Timeless Tunic, but I'm doing it in the knee length dress option with short sleeves. Its going to be perfect with leather sandals, wedges, or my little pink vans. Basically, the perfect mom dress! Stoked for it. 

4. Robert Kaufman chambray - wrinkles a lot but I kind of like that. For some reason, I think there are some garments to which wrinkles just add personalty. Am I crazy? Its ok if I am ;) This is going to be the Leisl and Co Every Day Skirt. A great neutral to pair with a tee, a a blouse, or whatever I'm feeling at the moment. Its basically as versatile as jeans. I also have a pink Robert Kaufman linen rayon blend that I think could look awesome as this skirt. But I'm torn on that or a shift dress, or another timeless it didn't make the sewing plans list cause I'm so undecided! 
5. Navy rayon challis, its super duper drapey. I really want to make M7505 with it but I'm going to shorten the sleeves so the bell starts at the elbow and then only goes mid forearm. Or maybe a short sleeve with a little gathered bell sleeves ending at the elbow. I'm kind of getting into the sleeve trend...but I don't want it to be too out there. 
So now I'll add some bonuses just in case I do super duper awesome at my sewing goals. 

+I really really really want to sew up a Collette Patterns Sorbetto Top. Its a newly re-released pattern - and its free! I am tempted to make two. One at shirt length with sleeves. The other in tunic length, sleeveless, in something semi-sheer and have it be a nice, somewhat classy swimsuit cover up. We'll see if that ever happens. 

+A See Kate Sew Neptune Tee with all the triangle cut outs. Its been on my list for ages and I just really need to get around to it. 

I am also testing two dresses next week, from some amazing designers, so I'll have to fit all this in around being a full time mom of a toddler who doesn't nap and a baby. 


Pray for me....

Friday, March 10

Isabel Wrap Dress

I've been pattern testing like crazy these past few weeks, mostly for Lyla. Her wardrobe is looking pretty spectacular. Mine on the other hand....well...It needs work. But hey don't worry, I am testing a basic (cheater) skinny jean - no front fly - which will be coming to the blog soon!

But in the meantime, are you looking for the perfect play dress? Isabel is it! Its a full wrap top, dress, maxi and tulip maxi. The photos here are from version 1 of testing so the pattern has been shortened since. Now the view I made my girl would hit around the knee, instead of a bit longer like shown here. I've shortened this one since then but haven't taken more photos because my kids are sick and they make me crazy and I don't feel like basically #momlife
I used Art Gallery knit from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. Art Gallery cotton lycra sews up like dream and is perfect for this pattern. The print is not in stock currently but RCF has other Art Gallery fabrics in stock as well as a plethora of other knits that would work for this. Brushed poly, cotton lycra, rayon spandex, interlock, almost anything will work. 

It would be super cute it a top with denim shorts and some Salwaters this summer - I think I need to wip up a few more. Its a super fast sew!

This pattern is so versatile, with all the different lengths and multiple sleeve lengths it will take you through all four seasons. 

Its on sale now so grab it from Made for Mermaids and get sewing!

Thursday, March 9

Prisma Dress - Bringing 70s back

Do you pay attention to the styles as they start coming in each season? The 70's are making a huge come back in the fashion world and its now fully visible in the sewing world as well. I've seen it in commercial patterns recently and now its all over PDF indie designers, too. And as I wasn't alive in the 70's, I'm loving it! Its to fun to see it on kids styles and not just adults.

Love Notions just released the Prisma Dress, which is so flipping cute I'm having trouble not making ten. I've already made two and am trying to not make any more for now until I finish other projects, but the knife pleats keep calling my name! I kind of feel like I should be sending her off to prep school in this!

The Prisma Dress has three different views - A line, dropped waist swing skirt, and dropped waist pleated skirt, and 3 different sleeves lengths - short, elbow and long. The A line version has optional pockets and the swing skirt has pocket flaps. There are also peter pan collar and boat neck options!

At first glance this may seem like just a little girls pattern, but older kids up to size 16 are looking amazing in it, too. A couple testers made the a-line options for their tweens/teens and its looks so good!

I did boatneck, dropped waist pleated skirt with short sleeves and I think its perfect. I used plaid brushed poly from So Sew English and burgundy rayon spandex for the skirt from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. 

The pleats give this a perfect prep-school-meets-femininity and like I said, I am in love. I just had to pair the pattern with plaid. And you all know my Art Gallery addiction, so I had to make the blue floral one as well, with Art Gallery cotton lycra from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

The pattern is on sale now for $7 so be sure to head over to Love Notions and get sewing, and I'll go start sewing some solid colored knee high socks so go with all her Prisma dresses! 

Wednesday, March 8

Little Fish Swim Trunks

If you have a boy and you ever touch water in any form, I've found the swim trunks your boy needs. Little Fish is a handmade euro style swim trunk brand and let me attest that after buying these, my boys will never wear anything else.  They are close fitting, super stretchy and allow all the movement that boys need on their adventures. 

They look amazing on babies and big kids, the bigger sizes are all fully lined but don't trap sand - so no worries if you're a beach dweller. 

 Also, because of the style and how stretchy they are, boys can actually get multiple years use out off them. They might get tighter and shorter, but since thats the euro style, they just keep looking amazing! Miles is wearing the 6 month size (he's 6 months old and 17 pounds) and I feel like they look great, but will also look great all year long as he grows. 

Bonus - the lovely Rachel, designer, maker, and mama behind it all gave me a coupon code for all you! So head over to Little Fish and use code AMMONLANE for 10% off! You'll never regret these!

Also, there's a giveaway going on over at MaLyn Logic so go enter for a chance to win!

Thursday, March 2

The World's most perfect pattern for Easter

If you are the kind of person who likes to sew up something special for Easter - look no further! This is probably the cutest thing I've made Lyla ever. I know I say that a lot, but Made for Mermaids just keeps coming out with adorable things...

The Sutton Top and Dress releases today and its so perfect on my cute toddler. But switch up your fabric and styling and suddenly it looks fab on tweens - seriously its like magic.  I made Lyla the Top version and paired it with the Evie Shorts, also from Made for Mermaids.

Sutton is a circle skirt, gathered peplum top or dress with princess seams in the front, which are incredibly adorable, not to mention perfect for adding lace, trim, piping, or even contrast side panels. I added some vintage lace trim that my mom passed down to me years ago and I'm still obsessing over how sweet and vintage it makes the whole thing look.

Its not an incredibly quick sew, making and attaching all the bias ties takes the longest, but the overall look is so beautiful that its one of the items you want to keep forever and give it to your baby when they're all grown up. 

If you want to make it quicker though, you could buy bias tape, or make the sleeveless option. You could also make the sleeve with an elastic casing to close it off instead of ties. 
I got both of my fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. The Floral is a cotton lawn and the gingham is a shirting. The light weight cotton lawn makes it so light and airy, but it looks amazing in a stiffer cotton too, especially in the dress length. It gives the skirt a beautiful full circle perfect for twirling!

I wish I could have gotten photos outside in some beautiful spring air but as the weather decided to dump snow on us instead, studio photos it is...luckily she's just cute no matter what ;)

The pattern is on sale through Sunday for $7 so grab it here and get a head start on Easter Sewing!